Beauty Queen (Live)

Unused Potential (Live)

Spoken Word

Not The Same Person (Spokenword).

White Pants



Written + Performed by Chi-Brown

I was raised by both parents

My mom worked the evenings

And Dad worked the early shift

I was their first child

Viewed by them as their very own gift

I was a great student in school

Always on the honor roll

At the time I felt learning was cool

We rarely had family time though

Due to work, and when we did

It was either church, pizza, or the latest movie at the show

I told my parents that I wanted to be a doctor

And I wanted to save lives

They were proud of my decision

And told me devotion of time many mornings and nights

Would be needed if I wanted to board this flight

Being that I possessed a passion for medicine and healing remedies

I felt that nothing could stop me

But I was very wrong

My parents marriage dismantled

Became weak but was once so strong

My father lost his job at the factory

And he committed suicide

Because he could no longer provide

For my mom and I

Years went by and my mom and I

Were barely getting by

My dreams of becoming a doctor were slowly diminishing

Somehow I finished undergrad

Now hopefully medical I could finish

But throughout the years I developed a serious condition

Something like a seven day a week alcohol addiction

I witnessed the last seconds of my father’s presence on Earth

I tried to stop him and cried for help

But he was already on his last breath

Nothing could help this hurtful feeling

No church, drug, or praying could offer healing

I never finished medical school

Its twenty years later and I just don’t know what to do

Now I stand here waiting for the next bus

In dire need of a shower and haircut

I have a little vodka left

And I’m sure the bus driver

Can smell it on my breath

I cry and plea to her that I’ll pay next time

And being the angel that she is

She lets me ride

I sit next to a happy couple and a child

And the child stares and asks his parents why

Do I look like this

The father stares and looks at his child and says

Son don’t be like that when you grow up

He’s a drunk who damned his all

Even mental

He’s just another sorry excuse, disgrace to society

Or better yet a victim of Unused Potential


Co-written + Performed by Chi-Brown

I can’t control the feeling

This fast food be calling my name

Ladies and gentleman

The way I reel the J&J in

I’m like the Gorton’s fisherman

Rubbing my tummy like let the games begin

This ain’t no game, I need help yall

I talk to my doctor and trainer

But they give me they uniform suggestions

My doctor claim he a vegetarian

I caught him coming out of Harold’s last night

This dude ordered a half white

Well maybe that’s opposite of left

Wait that ain’t right

And my trainer told me to eat

Organic fruits and vegetables lean proteins and cashews

This dude was at Burger King ordering himself two number 2′s

Nah that wasn’t his cheat day, That was Wednesday

A receipt fell out of his pocket from Thursday’s training session

Hong Kong Buffet

Go to the mall, Hit up Cinnabon

I like buffets cause It feels like I’m neva done

I don’t like to run, that shit ain’t fun

And neither is gum, Its like a tease

I like extra cheese, Mickey D’s I don’t cook without grease

I hate the button on my jeans, I’m a food fiend

When I sleep, I’m eating in my dreams

Sliding down ice cream on a Hershey

Everything on my plates arrivederci

I love seconds, and munching endless

From breakfast till dinner, every meals a winner

I appreciate those that deliver

And donuts with cream filled centers, Lil Debbie I could kiss her

I’m addicted I need a fixer, or a couple of bananas

With strawberries in the mixure

Your in the mist of the dude that is

Coming soon to your local bbq

To try the ribs

Baby to tell the truth, Soupbox got that soup

Jamba juice got that juice, Kenny’s got that bbq

Bacci’s got them slices, Ihop got them omelettes

Vienna got that beef shit, Giordannos got that deep dish

Junior bacon cheese burger with chilli, The best spicy chicken comes from Wendy’s

Hot dog’s from Jimmy’s, fries from Checkers

Breakfast at Denny’s, Pizza from beggars

BK have it your way, Ruby Tuesday’s

Friday’s cheesecake, Outback steak

And Maxwell’s stays open late

Old Country Buffet

Will fill up your plate