A lot of us live life in a chase for the Mario Mushroom. You remember that mushroom right? Don't you? You'd get bigger if you ran into it. Yes! That mushroom. Some of us have been chasing that mushroom since our parents told us about it when we were young kids. Some of us caught on to the mushroom in elementary school. The majority of us caught on in our latter years of Highschool going into college, a trade, job market, or the military. What is this mushroom that I write of? Will it show up on a drug test? No! Will it help you meet Mario and Luigi? No! How about Princess or Toad or Koopa or Wario? No! Well maybe another mushroom would. But not this mushroom. This mushroom here that I speak of is an upgrade in life from your present state of living. This could be a new home, new car, new course of study, a new hobby,etc. The list goes on! If it's making you a bigger and better person, then you've been chasing the Mario Mushroom! Continue to grow and get big. The world needs growth and you play a major factor.