Hello to all. Hope you had a great holiday with your families. If you had to work sorry to hear that. I hope you got holiday pay. If not, try to get holiday pay at least. For the first time in like 10 years, I didn't have to work. Any who, check out this tweet that I tweeted very recently when I was in a certain state of mind.

I sit in silence

With a full house

Of uninvited thoughts

Yelling and whispering,

I decline their dinner offer

I'm watching my weight


Many times, I feel that we as humans just want peace and quiet. But for some reason, thoughts seem to come through our doors unannounced to keep us company. We have to aim to achieve that silence, but these thoughts (Both positive and negative) would like us to feed into them. If we feed into them, we are accepting their dinner offer. Eventually, after trial and error and our mental strength becomes stronger, we won't feed into these thoughts while attempting to have peace. If your goal is to have P & Q, then please decline your thoughts' dinner offer. It's very difficult to partake in this form of fast as the brain generates many thoughts per day, but it's a goal worth trying as my dinner offer has now upgraded to buffet status. I'm trying my best to decline.