Hello! Hope you had a great weekend. If not then this weekend you better have a great weekend! If not this weekend then find something you enjoy and just do it with no interruptions the following weekend. Get it? Got it? Hood! This week for "Word Wednesdays" I just wanted to be brief and give you a quick poetic story for those that might feel that life may suck for them at the present time. We all have unfortunate events but its how we react to them that decides our blood pressure. I hope this story inspires you to continue to do the things that bring you happiness and fulfillment. Take care and stay tuned for our "Feature Friday!"



I won’t complain

Phone got turned off

I won’t complain

Still at the bottom

Was never at the top

I won’t complain

Just got fired

Less knowledgeable person

Just got hired

I won’t complain

Just got the call for a major role

Got to be there in thirty minutes

Oh look! There is my tire with a hole

I won’t complain

Just got another job this week

Two years later I ask for a raise

The boss has trouble understanding the words I speak

I won’t complain

Working everyday of the week

Still can’t afford Chicago’s standard of living

Bill collectors calling

To them all of my money I’m giving

I’m not eating and I’m starving

For some reason I’m still fat

I try to talk to a pretty lady

She looks down at my shoes and tells me I’m whack

I go to the thrift shop

There I find the love of my life

She’s a bum just like me

If you look at the two of us

We look quite compatible you see

She works just as hard

And she’s into the arts

And she had a hole in her tire

When she tried to get that part


I felt so incomplete

Now that I have her in my life I won’t complain

Because together we’re complete

Love is the most powerful force on Earth

It can be hard to find

When discovered appreciate it’s worth

I won’t complain